Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating Course I - Class I and 2

My birthday came a little earlier this year. My husband signed me up for Wilton's Cake Decorating I course, and purchased a nice little set of decorating tools for me. While my birthday isn't technically for another week, I've already had a blast playing around with various piping tips and bookmarked many of the beautifully decorated cupcakes and cakes scattered across the blogging sphere to try in the near future.

I am taking the course, which consists of four classes, at a local Michael's. While baking and basic decorating isn't completely new to me, I figured for $17, I could pick up some additional skills and tricks from a seasoned instructor.

The first class was very basic, with the instructor reviewing how to make homemade frosting, achieving various colors and consistencies, and basic cake frosting. Nothing monumental here, folks. Our instructor, Sarah, is very friendly and personable.

The second class, which took place yesterday night, jumped right into decorating techniques. We learned about different decorating tips and practiced a few basic piping techniques on our practice boards. This included the round tip, star tip, and some beginning rose work. By the end of the two hour class, we each had (at least partially) decorated our own cakes, which we had pre-made and frosted before class.

Luckily, we were not forced to make the lame cakes presented in the book for lesson 2; instead, Sarah allowed us to bring in a design of our choosing. Since right now, I'm totally digging the retro design scene, I found a cute little retro-ish bird to pipe onto my cake. Cute, as well as practical, since it was not very complicated and I was able to nearly finish by class close.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying the class and pleased with my birthday gift this year! I'll check in again next week with the results of Class 3.


  1. rita! you never cease to amaze me with your talents...that cake is adorable!!!! do you ship to tennessee? ;)

  2. Great job!! This is beautiful, and your photography is wonderful!